One of our new featured shop items, these new tibetan singing bowls are our best sounding yet.

Dimensions: 3"x 5"
Brand new CD from acclaimed harp player Portia Diwa. Our best selling CD of 2016 and perhaps of all time.

A serene, meditative, and calming journey. The perfect addition to your daily labyrinth meditation.

CD insert includes information about the artists and the labyrinth itself.
Also includes a Paper labyrinth sized perfectly for your finger.

-Recorded in Grace Cathedral-

Hand carved, cast, and finished by the artisans at Handcrafted Pewter.

A very stylish piece to get for yourself or a friend.
Glass Labyrinth Pendant
Our Price: $25.00
Grace Cathedrals brand new CD. The long awaited followup to the original best seller - Chosen Tunes.

Inspired and beautifully recorded by the acclaimed organist Susan Jane Matthews.
Vibrant, relaxing, and meditiative.

Beautiful glass pendant hand crafted in southern california.
Each one is unique in its own way due to the bubbles allowed to form during crafting.

Especially beautiful when held up to the light.

Made of 100% recycled glass.
These Olive wood crosses come straight from the Holy Land. Clasp one in your palm if you find yourself or a loved one
in need of strength or prayers.

Silky smooth finish. One of our all time best selling items.

Each cross is like a snowflake, unique in their own way. As such they will not be identical to the ones pictured.
I have indicated two options based on customer preference...

The cross in the middle would be "plain" and the other two would fall under the "natural" option

Approximately 2.5"x1"
Desk Labyrinth (5 inch)
Our Price: $40.00
Beautiful pewter desktop labyrinth. One of our most popular items. Perfect size for comfortably tracing the labyrinth.

Diameter: 5 inches
Comes with a free wood stylus for tracing.