Labyrinth Bracelet
Our Price: 10.00
Glass Labyrinth Pendant
Our Price: 25.00
Hand carved, cast, and finished by the artisans at Handcrafted Pewter.

A very stylish piece to get for yourself or a friend.
Stylish labyrinth bracelets that are available in various colors.
Beautiful glass pendant hand crafted in southern california.
Each one is unique in its own way due to the bubbles allowed to form during crafting.

Especially beautiful when held up to the light.

Made of 100% recycled glass.
Labyrinth Candle
Our Price: 8.00
Desk Labyrinth (5 inch)
Our Price: 40.00
Custom made for Grace Cathedral. Soy candle featuring our iconic Chartres labyrinth design.

The design has blank space in between, allowing light to "shine" through the labyrinth in a beautiful way.

Candle is approximately 10 inches tall and will burn for 7 days kept lit.
Ornate bronze plaque hand crafted in Ireland.
Has a cord along the back to easily be hung on a wall.

Dimensions: 7"x3.5"
Beautiful pewter desktop labyrinth. One of our most popular items. Perfect size for comfortably tracing the labyrinth.

Diameter: 5 inches
Comes with a free wood stylus for tracing.