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Although any of our items make great gifts, we have selected the following items as particularly appropriate for special occasions.

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Desk Labyrinth (5 inch)
Our Price: $40.00
These Olive wood crosses come straight from the Holy Land. Clasp one in your palm if you find yourself or a loved one
in need of strength or prayers.

Silky smooth finish. One of our all time best selling items.

Each cross is like a snowflake, unique in their own way. As such they will not be identical to the ones pictured.
I have indicated two options based on customer preference...

The cross in the middle would be "plain" and the other two would fall under the "natural" option

Approximately 2.5"x1"
Beautiful labyrinth pendant featuring a dove.

100% made via disassembled/recycled weapons.
Beautiful pewter desktop labyrinth. One of our most popular items. Perfect size for comfortably tracing the labyrinth.

Diameter: 5 inches
Comes with a free wood stylus for tracing.
Labyrinth Pendant - From War to Peace
Finger Labyrinth
Our Price: $23.00
Beautiful pewter finger labyrinth. One of our most popular items.

Diameter: 2.5"
Comes with a free metal stylus for tracing.
Let them choose Recycled disarmed nuclear missile systems
Pocket Tokens - zinc
Our Price: $4.00
Sturdy and beautiful pewter charms hand crafted in Florida.

The Travler's charm has a circular encryption that reads "Guide me home and Keep me from harm"

Approximately 1" tall.
Approximately 1" tall

Perfect for someone you love.